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What we do?

Major activity of Bosnaplast d.o.o. Sarajevo is production of high-quality, HDPE and PVC pipes and accompanying equipment. Our company, founded in 1998., already in 2001. recieved Certificate ISO 9001/2000 for quality sistems in business activities. Bosnaplast delivers and installs pipe syistems for water and gas pipelines, produces industrial pipelines and sewage systems, as well as offers protective systems for energy and TT cables.  Read more…


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12.09.2012.In rich product program of “Bosnaplast” you can find all what you need.

ISO 9000/2000certifikat_

12.09.2012.From the year 2001. “Bosnaplast” does business in accordance with the system of quality ISO 9001/2000.


12.09.2012.All our products were tested by renown institutes and labaratories in this area.